Brush your hair using a soft bristle brush or Tangle Teezer. These brushes will glide gently over the bonds without pulling on them.
Always hold your hair when brushing to support the extensions and prevent causing strain on your natural hair and scalp.
Begin brushing the ends of the hair first in downward strokes, working upward step by step. Never brush too harshly
Make sure that you brush over all the bonds and scalp every day – this will prevent matting the roots. Lift up the top sections of hair to brush the bonds underneath.
You may use other types of brushes on the hair but only use a soft bristle brush or Tangle Teezer to brush over the bonds.
Only use a wide-toothed comb or Tangle Teezer on wet hair. Brush/comb the hair in small sections, holding the hair and starting at the ends. If using a comb, do not comb over the bonds, as you will pull out the extensions and your own hair.
Never backcomb your hair extensions as this will cause matting which can be very difficult to remove.
You may use products such as hairspray, serums and mousse on your hair extensions, but avoid contact with the bonds.
Take care not to touch the bonds with hair straightening irons, curling tongs and other heated appliances as this will cause them to melt and stick together.