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Celeb Hair Extensions Richmond

Are you looking for hair extensions in Richmond? Celeb hair extension looks after your hair and gives the best result for hair extensions. The do’s and don’ts for any hair extensions is a critical thing to understand before you head for the procedure. At celeb hair extension we give you enough knowledge on drawing the relevant information. Let us talk you through some of these:
• You need to brush your hair extensions regularly so that they don’t dry out easily;
• You need to ensure that there are no traces of shampoo or conditioner in your newly extended hair;
• Don’t hesitate in investing in a good quality extensions brush and detangling comb;
• Don’t leave your hair open as they might easily get tangled, so always tie them at night, loosely plait or tie a pony tail;
• Treat your hair with extremely tender hearts and take extreme care;
• Keep your extensions tied while swimming in a pool or sea, if you get your hair wet must ensure that you rinse out the chlorine;

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