Hair Extension Maintenance

If you have hair extensions, it is essential to maintain your investment. Sarah, the founder of Celeb Hair Extension, provides each client with advice on keeping their hair extensions in pristine condition. Please see below some hair extension maintenance tips.

tape-in hair Extensions Maintenance

Our Hair Extension Specialist, Sarah, shares some of her tips to help your Tape-In Hair Extensions will look lovely for longer.

Products: To maintain your Tape-In Hair Extensions, using top quality hair extension products without Sulphates is essential. Avoid using hair serums and oils because these can dry the hair. We at Celeb Hair Extensions recommend our brand, Hair Extensions One.

Brushing: Brush your Tape-In Hair Extensions properly by brushing over the tapes regularly with the correct hair extension soft brush.

Drying: Try to let your hair dry naturally. Do not brush wet. This can pull or stretch your hair. Brush when towel dry and then finish with a low heat hairdryer.

Styling: Use a good quality straightener or curling tongs. Always apply a protein heat protector again; we recommend our brand Hair Extensions One.

Sleeping: Don’t go to sleep with wet hair. It’s important to dry your hair thoroughly and wear a loose plait or low ponytail.

Removing: Should you wish to remove your Tape-In Hair Extensions, we recommend our remover brand, Hair extensions One, which is natural and chemical-free. Once the hair extensions are removed, we recommend that you wash your hair with a clarifying or build-up remover shampoo.

Reapplying: Once the hair has been re-taped, the Tape-In Hair Extensions can be replaced in your hair for another 10-12 weeks.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Maintenance

After applying the keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, you must not wash your hair for two days. This allows the bonds to harden and set properly. Here are some general maintenance tips:

Washing: Tip your head back instead of forward when washing to prevent the extensions from pulling on your hair. Always rinse the hair well around the bonds. Use a good hair extension shampoo and conditioner which will not strip the hair. Use a good leave-in conditioner spray in between washes.

Brushing: Do not brush your hair when wet; rough, dry hair first. Use a soft natural bristle brush once or twice a day, working your way up from the tip to the root.

Drying: Dry your hair using a cool setting on the hairdryer.

Styling: Style your hair using curling tongs, straightening irons, or hot rollers as you would normally.

Sleeping: Sleep with your hair in a loose plait to keep bonds separate.

Colouring: You can even colour your hair. However, this is at your own risk and always do a colour test first.

Micro ring Hair Extensions Maintenance

Micro Ring Hair Extensions move down the hair as your hair naturally grows approximately 1 inch a month. The weight of the Micro Ring Hair Extensions so low down can cause tangling and damage to the hair extension. The Micro Rings will also be more visible as the hair becomes finer further away from the scalp.

We advise clients to have Micro Ring Hair Extensions maintained every 6 to 8 weeks. The maintenance includes:

Removing the Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Replacing the Micro Rings

Brushing and freshening the hair extensions

Adding new hair extensions where required, which is usually 25 new Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Re-positioning the hair extensions by re-applying the Micro Ring Hair Extensions closer to the scalp

Maintaining and looking after your micro ring hair extensions is essential to keep your hair in good condition, lasting longer than 6-9 months.

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