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Hair Extension Maintenance

Maintenance for tape hair extensions is different from all the rest. They’re a healthier and safer alternative to hair extensions that don’t put any stress on your scalp. Instead of putting any chemicals on your scalp at Celeb hair extensions we use the strongest medical tape which will last and last no slipping and they do not come out and are totally natural.

Tape in hair extensions is designed to give a natural, flawless look and feel. You don’t have to attach them every morning nor do you have to commit to them for an entire year. They last approximately 10-12 weeks on average but with proper maintenance and hair care. You must only use top quality hair extension products without Sulphate. we at Celeb hair extensions recommend our own brand Hair extensions One.

Brush your Tape in Hair Extensions Properly While brushing your hair is very important making sure you brush over the tapes regularly with the correct hair extension soft brush. Here are some things to remember the next time you brush your tape extensions


Styling your hair try and let your hair dry as much as possible naturally. Do not brush wet this can pull or stretch your own hair. Brush when towel dry and then finish with a low heat hairdryer. If you want to style with a good quality straightener or curling tongs use a protein heat protector again we recommend our brand Hair Extensions One


Always make sure that you don’t go to sleep with wet hair. Make sure you dry hair thoroughly and wear a loose plat or low ponytail.


We at Celebhair extensions don’t recommend serums and oils these can dry the hair.


We recommend our own brand of remover by Hair extensions one which is natural and we use no chemicals.
One ever the hair extensions are removed we recommend that you wash your hair with a clarifying or build up shampoo.

Once the hair has been re-taped the tape hair extensions can be replaced in your hair for another 10-12 weeks Tape hair extensions if brushed regularly and positioned correctly and using the correct products will not cause any tangling. You will love our Tape hair extensions at Celeb Hair Extensions

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