Sarah, Your Hair Extension Specialist in Guildford and Surrey

Celeb Hair Extensions is a hair extension specialist in Guildford and provide voluptuous hair which makes up look and feel beautiful, however, not all of us were born with thick and bountiful hair, and that’s ok! Whether you are looking for longer, fuller, thicker hair or hair that shines, I will match the best quality hair to your exact colour and preferred style.

I have spent many years developing my knowledge and skills, whilst sourcing the best hair for my clients requirements and budget. 10 years later I am happiest with the beautiful Hair Extensions One hair; affordable and luxurious, 100% human hair which can be applied using a number of different methods depending on your hair type and style with the best outcome. With my experience, methods and choice of hair I guarantee you vivacious, long-lasting and pain-free hair extensions that will stand the test of time.

My latest method available on application ...
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