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Why Hair Extensions Are Good For Women With Thinning Hair

Many of my clients ask if hair extensions are good for women with thinning hair, and the answer is often yes. I’ve already explained why hair extensions are perfect for menopausal women experiencing thinning hair. Other reasons for thinning hair include tinting with darker hair dyes, thyroid problems and even problems occurring post covid. I would recommend considering the addition of Tape Hair Extensions to add instant thickness and body to your hair which will boost confidence and help you look and feel better.

The Best Hair Extensions For Women With Thinning Hair

I would highly recommend Tape Hair Extensions made from 100% human hair. These quality hair extensions provide an instant fix for thinning hair, making it appear fuller. Many of my clients say they don’t just feel more glamorous but feel much younger (my client range is 18 years old to 70 years old). If you want a natural appearance, don’t overdo the hair extensions; sometimes, less is best for a more natural look.

Always use a hair extension specialist that has been fitting Tape-In Hair Extensions for several years. It is the only way to ensure your hair extensions are fitted correctly and will last. As a professional hair extension technician, I’ve spent years testing hair. I would not use anything on a client I had not tried myself. I use the best hair possible, Remy Hair (Russian double-drawn hair) which is cuticle correct, so it does not tangle.

Hair Extension Benefits For Women With Thinning Hair

Besides the instant hair thickness, hair extensions also boost confidence for women with thinning hair, and that’s priceless. The effect is stunning if you opt for a perfect colour blend and good-quality hair extensions. Beware of cheap hair extensions because many are made from plastic, silicon, and animal hair or collected from bins rather than a doner. Simply style your hair as you would usually, and no one can tell the difference.

The Best Products For Hair Extensions and Thinning Hair

I’ve created a range of hair extension products for your hair called Hair Extensions One. I recommend using our Hair Loss Serum, which has 10% Biotin, the highest volume that goes straight into your bloodstream, creating hair growth thickening and stronger hair. It’s not a quick fix, but you should see improvement with thicker hair over six months.

If you have hair extensions and go for a blow dry at a salon, you should take sulphate-free shampoo, conditioner and a specialist hair extension brush. I can recommend Hair Extensions One Natural Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner. Because these products are sulphate free, they will not dry out the hair which is important if you have hair extensions. Rest assured that both these products are kind to your natural hair and extensions and help keep your hair extensions looking lovely for longer.

Always read the label when buying products to care for hair extensions because even high end, vegan and organic shampoos and conditioners are likely to contain sulphates which you should avoid.

When washing hair with extensions, it is important not to brush wet hair. First, towel dry, then brush from the bottom, so you don’t pull roots or let hair dry naturally and then finish with a hair dryer or rollers. Only use straighteners or tongs on dry hair. You must speak to your hairdresser to ensure they understand how to blow dry and style hair with extensions.

By adding quality hair extensions by a professional technician and keeping them in pristine condition, women with thinning hair can look and feel better.

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