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Hair Extensions Sutton

Celeb Hair Extensions Sutton

Hair extensions have made several dreams come true. With this revolution in the beauty industry, the hair extensions in Sutton by Celeb hair extensions is making heads turn quick. The voluptuous hair that bounces is hard to ignore. With several techniques and various strategies that are used for hair extensions, there has been an increasing popularity for pre bonded hair extensions. The 100% pure human hair extensions are applied individually to the lengths of your natural hair. The pre molded bonds are made of keratin which is a kind of protein. The bonds are pre-melted at a low temperature and then they are attached to tiny sections of the natural hair. This hardens after a while and that is how they are secured to last for at least 3-4 months. They come in various qualities, color and highlight.
Celeb hair extensions Sutton takes care of your extended hair as well. There are several maintenance techniques that need to be followed. They service as mobile hair extensions in London and Surrey.

Meet Sarah, your hair extension specialist from Sarah Caplan on Vimeo.