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Celeb Hair Extensions Weybridge

Did you recently get a hair extensions done? Celeb hair extensions Weybridge brings you a free consultation on hair extensions. A lot of people look for advices on maintaining the hair extensions. Using a balance of correct products and brush guarantees a longer lasting result of your beautiful, voluptuous and flowing hair extensions. However, one must be careful while shampooing and drying of the hair. The hair extensions do not receive he natural oil secreted from the scalp unlike the natural hair, thus they do not quite require to be washed often.
Some of the things to remember are:
• Do not wash prior to a build-up, the lesser you wash the longer they last. Apply a lathering shampoo followed by applying a generous amount of conditioner to the hair;
• Lay your hair flat to air dry on a towel completely;
• It is also advisable to sleep with your hair loosely braided to avoid any kind of damage.
Celeb Hair extensions Weybridge takes care of your hair extensions before and after the procedure. Contact 07970078342 to book a free consultation today.

Meet Sarah, your hair extension specialist from Sarah Caplan on Vimeo.