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Celeb Hair Extensions Kingston

Natural Looking Hair Extensions Kingston

The art of creating natural looking micro-ring hair extensions in Kingston has become easier than ever before. The micro ring hair extensions has been a recent advent in the beauty market and has become quite popular since then. They move down along with your natural hair as your locks grow naturally approximately 1 inch in a month. The weight of the micro ring extensions in hair will lower down gradually with time causing tangles and damage to the extensions. The extensions as they become weak will also become visible as your hair will become finer and away from scalp.

The micro ring hair extensions require maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks, as we at Celeb hair extensions in Kingston suggest. The maintenance of the hair extensions is highly recommended to keep you’re healthy and extensions lasting longer.

The maintenance of the micro ring hair extensions include,

  • Eliminating the micro rings and a regular replacement
  • You need to brushing and freshen the hair extension on a regular basis to keep up with its health
  • An average of 25 new micro ring hair extensions should be added as new hair extensions
  • The micro rings can be replaced closer to the scalp in every repositioning that is done.

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