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Hair Extensions Guildford

Celeb Hair Extensions Guildford

Get the best quality hair extensions in Guildford. Celeb hair extensions match your hair colour, quality and your desires with the best possible extensions. They do not just promise a longer stay on your hair but a result that will surprise and please you. We specialize at pre-bonded hair extension, tape hair, micro ring hair extensions and also hair care products. The distinctive factor about Celeb hair extensions in Guildford is that we take care of your extensions more than what you would expect. We begin by analyzing your hair type and preparing your hair for the extension followed by the procedure of hair extensions. Finally, the hair care products and hair care recommendations make sure to seal in the goodness of your hair.

The hair extensions clinic in Guildford caters to all kinds of hair treated or non-treated. With celeb hair extensions the applications have had impeccable results on all its clients. The natural results that are derived after a service here are what draws people to celeb Hair extension. You can Contact 07970078342 to get a free consultation on the procedure or book an extension to achieve optimum results.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Women are often prepared to give up their needs for style, but this is one area where they do not need to. With the correct hair care regime, tape-in extensions are quick and last for a long time. The bonding technique ensures that extensions are applied 1mm away from the scalp  & spread over 4 cm to promote head scalp and hair health.

The longevity of the process is also promoted, with the new hair lasting up to 8 weeks without inconvenient twisting and turning. A full head of tape-in extensions in Guildford will take 45 minutes and weigh around 150g. That’s why everyone loves it!

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been around for a long time. Pre-bonded hair extensions in Guildford, also known as fill-in hair extensions. Natural hair is bonded to the Celeb’s own hair using keratin bonds. It is loved by many celebrities as it enhances their natural beauty. These extensions feel like their own natural hairs and can last up to 3 months. The best part about this product is that it can be reused. It can be coloured and styled like natural hair and also can be rebonded after 90-100 days.

This product will make your hair look fuller and healthier. It’s perfect for a more glamorous style, or to give your hair a touch of volume. Celebrities love this product because it gives them a more effortless look, yet still makes them look good every single day. You have options to buy a variety of lengths, from 25cm to 40cm or even 60cm. These extensions can be styled for any occasion, which makes them even more appealing.


Micro ring Hair Extensions

The woman’s hair is one of the most noticeable parts of her beauty. It can enhance her personality. It is an important part of her appearance and sets the tone for her entire look. A good hair day is just a good day. 

If you’ve got short hair, Celeb Hair Extension has got your back. Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Guildford provide variety in the fascinating world of beauty. Being an alternative to other hair extension solutions, Micro Ring offers an attractive way to complement their natural beauty.

Instead of using hot irons or melted keratin bonds, micro rings are used to increase hair length. Natural hair is extended strand by strand with these micro rings, which are inserted over the natural hair and then sealed with pliers. It is much less invasive than other techniques. Patients with a loss of vision in one eye as a result of NAION should not take Cialis. This is regardless of whether the patient has previously been exposed to PDE-5 inhibitors. Patients under 18 years old should avoid taking Cialis. Find out more about this by going to https://www.thecourtyardclinic.co.uk/buy-cialis-tadalafil-online-uk/. The result is a natural look with low maintenance.

Russian Remy Hair Extensions

Russian Remy Hair Extensions in Guildford are known for being long-lasting and truly luxurious. Made from natural virgin hair, these extensions can offer lighter weight and increased shine without compromising durability. They help improve longevity as the roots of the hair remain intact rather than breaking off as can happen with other types of extension such as those made from synthetic hair.

Get your hair celebrity-ready with any one of these hair extension solutions. Call us today for hair extensions in Guildford – 079702 0078342


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