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Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

As the demand for hair extensions increases various different methods of attaching the hair extensions have been developed. The Pre-bonded method is one of the most well known methods.

“I have personally had pre-bonded hair extensions continuously in my hair for the last 5 years. As long as they are attached correctly and maintained properly they will last and do not damage your hair.”

The 100% Remy Human hair extensions are applied individually using pre-moulded bonds made from a keratin protein, which will protect your natural hair. The bonds are attached to tiny sections of the natural hair by melting the bonds at a very low temperature, this hardens and forms a secure bond which will last from 3-4 months.


Pre-bonded extensions can transform your hair in an instant! Extensions like these are very popular and for good reason. The strand by strand method makes them incredibly flexible, cost-effective, and easy to reuse. People love them because of the way they look.

In spite of newer types of extensions such as micro loops being introduced, pre-bonded hair extensions remain one of the most popular types available.

What Are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

In pre-bonded extensions, keratin, a protein that is found in your natural hair, is used to attach the extension to the natural hair. Many silicon-based glues used for extensions carry a higher risk of damaging the hair than keratin. You can have problems removing silicone glue from your hair, and it can damage it over time.

In the world of pre-bonded hair extensions, there are so many terms that can cause confusion. The term keratin pre-bonded extensions is often used interchangeably with fusion bond hair extensions, bonded extensions, as well as other terms – but know this: they are all essentially the same.

Pre-bonded hair extensions are available in a variety of types.

How are pre-bonded hair extensions fitted?

A pre-bonded extension is fitted strand by strand, and its fusion to natural hair is achieved by melting the keratin resin and fusing at the root. Bonds are rolled to secure extensions instantly.

How long do pre-bonded hair extensions last?

How you care for your pre-bonded extensions and how often you reapply them can affect their life.

A pre-bonded extension’s durability is determined by two factors:

  1. The state of the hair. You may be able to re-use your extensions if you have cared for them properly and kept them away from chlorine.
  2. Extension Reapplication: Your pre-bonded extensions will naturally move down as your own hair grows. The reapplication will be needed after a while, which will be between 8-12 weeks depending on your hair type.


Are pre-bonded hair extensions reusable?

Pre-bonded hair extensions can be reused without any issue. Maintain them in excellent condition and you can have them re-fitted.

It is 100% re-usable if you care for your pre-bonded hair extensions and keep them in good condition.


What are the benefits of pre-bonded hair extensions?

  • Their appearance is natural and the bond is nearly undetectable.
  • Compared to other types of extensions, pre-bonded extensions are safer and less likely to slip. If you live an active life, they are a great choice.
  • A pre-bonded extension is an excellent choice for fine or compromised hair that may not remain strong enough to accommodate Micro Rings or other methods of installation.
  • Because they blend into your natural hair so well, you might even forget you are wearing extensions because they are so comfortable.

Celeb Hair Extensions offers 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions, to ensure the highest-quality, most natural-looking pre-bonded hair extension.


What is Remy Human Hair?

As opposed to most non-Remy hair extensions, Remy hair is known for its intact cuticles. The natural look and feel of hair extensions are enhanced by aligning and preserving the hair cuticles unilaterally.

Due to their superior quality and value, Remy human hair extensions are also the most popular type of human hair extension on the market.

Non-remy hair extensions mat, tangle, and shed. Real Remy hair does not have these issues, and looks more natural.


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