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How To Tell If Hair Extensions Are Real Hair Or Fake

Do you want to know how to tell if hair extensions are real hair or fake? We spoke to Sarah, the owner of Celeb Hair Extensions, who only uses 100% Remy Hair, which is virgin hair cut from the ponytail. Sarah is on a mission to educate her clients about the benefits of natural hair extensions and why they are better than the cheaper fake alternatives. We asked Sarah to explain the differences to guide you through the wide variety of hair extensions on the market.

I think 100% Remy Hair extensions are the best you can get. Unfortunately, some hair is collected from bins and not cut from a ponytail. It's a predicament; many salons say they use 100% Remy Hair, but so much of the hair is mixed with animal hair or plastic and silicon. It’s prudent for clients to be aware of natural versus synthetic hair extensions and question the salon and hair extension technician about the products they use.

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Sarah Explains How To Tell If Hair Extensions Are Real Hair Or Fake

You can’t beat the look and feel of natural human hair. It will feel softer and is visibly beautiful with more body and texture. Fake hair extensions will appear, drier, duller and less attractive. If the hair is cuticle correct it will avoid static.

I believe 100% Remy virgin hair cut straight from the ponytail is the best. The main benefit is that the cuticles are intact, which reduces static. If you apply for hair extensions where the cuticles are not intact, it will go wild with static after brushing and knot very fast, as fast as two washes. 

There are so many different qualities of Remy Hair. Some are cold water dyed to obtain the colours in the range. Ask your hair extensionist which grade of Remy Hair they use. The higher the quality, the more expensive the hair will be. At Celeb Hair Extensions, we only use the highest-grade virgin hair cut straight from the ponytail which is cuticle correct.

Burning a strand makes it easy to spot fake hair extensions. Natural hair will smell like burnt hair and singe as it slowly burns upwards. The smell is undeniable; when the hair is synthetic, it will melt and burn quickly.
The quantity of hair in each tape can vary. Quite often, you will find the quality tape-in hair extensions using natural hair will have the optimum amount, which helps the hair extension stay in place without slipping and feel more comfortable. If your hair extensions start slipping shortly after you’ve had them applied, they may be poor quality and likely to contain synthetic hair. Quality tape-in hair extensions will use a chemical-free medical-grade adhesive that is kinder to your hair.
Hair that’s not 100% natural human hair cut from the ponytail can be thinner and unable to curl. The added plastic or silicon will give your hair an unnatural shine. Tape-in hair extensions with synthetic may be heavier with an inferior adhesive.
When you purchase hair extensions from a retailer, they may not be salon quality, so ensure you read the label. By referencing it online, check the product logo and how the authentic packaging should look.

It is essential not to use Sulphate shampoos; they will gradually dry out the hair. Sulphate will very gradually dry out the hair and start to tangle. Synthetic hair or coated hair will just suddenly go very dry. Sulphate Free products are imperative. Read the labels of hair products carefully because even though it may be a vegan or organic shampoo, it can still contain sulphate.

Celeb Hair Extensions Uses 100% Remy Virgin Hair

At Celeb Hair Extensions, we only use 100% Remy virgin hair cut straight from the ponytail. We offer Tape-In, Pre-Bonded and Micro Ring hair extensions. Tape-In Hair Extensions are the kindest to your hair, and they are quick to apply and effortless to maintain. These are perfect for women experiencing thinning hair due to menopause, pregnancy or illness. We stock 25 colours so we can blend the extension to be an exact colour match or provide contrast.

Sarah is a mobile hair extension technician travelling to clients in Surrey and parts of South West London. Find out more about our mobile hair extension locations here, and you can see our mobile hair extension price list here.

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