It’s almost every woman’s dream to have long, thick, voluminous, clean, and healthy hair. However, this is not a reality for many. Thanks to hair extensions, now it’s possible to have your dream hair.

Hair extensions come in different sizes, colours, and techniques. The technique varies according to the type of bonding and glue used for attachment to the natural hair. Of all the extensions, Micro ring hair extensions are the most preferred.

What are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro rings are small silicone-lined rings almost undetectable that hair extension and natural hair are threaded through. Once the extension and natural hair are positioned, the micro rings are clamped in place for a secure bond. The silicone coating provides extra comfort, so you don’t need to worry about scratching and slippage.

Micro rings are also damage-free and can be repositioned and removed with ease. At Celeb Hair Extensions, we only use the best micro ring hair extensions to offer you voluptuous hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Longevity

The question many clients ask when they have hair extensions is, how long will it last? The longevity of micro rings hair extensions is what sets them apart. While other hair extensions last for as long as a day- primarily clip-ins- to eight weeks, micro rings can last approximately six to nine months.

However, to keep the hair looking beautiful and fresh, be sure to visit a Celeb Hair Extensions specialist every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance. This is because your natural hair will have grown, and the roots will tangle, causing damage to your hair extension.

During maintenance, your micro ring hair extensions will be carefully removed and resealed with a bonding material to reduce shedding. Your natural hair also gets washed, blow-dried, and re-sectioned. Then the extension will be refitted using micro rings to avoid slippage.

How to Take Care of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

What can you or can’t do after wearing micro ring hair extension? Hair extensions are supposed to enhance the beauty of your hair and give you that confident look. However, to maintain their fresh look and increase longevity, there are certain things you should do or not do.

Avoid swimming pool water as much as possible when wearing micro ring hair extensions. Both salty and chlorinated water can damage both natural hair and hair extension bonds. What if you are a swimming enthusiast?

If you choose to swim, keep your hair out of the water to avoid getting the bonds wet. You can tie your hair into a ponytail and plait the remaining part. In case your hair gets wet in seawater or chlorinated water, rinse immediately and detangle with a wide-tooth comb to avoid any damage.

Also, make sure to tie your hair back loosely before going to sleep to avoid tangling. For longevity, make sure you brush your hair regularly. Begin brushing the ends of your hair while holding it with the other hand. Doing this will avoid pulling your extension while detangling. Gradually comb the rest of your hair using the proper extension comb.

No one wants an extension that looks obvious to people. For a proper fix, trust a specialist from Celeb Hair Extensions. With our many years of experience, you can be sure of long-lasting, vivacious hair extensions that complement your natural hair. Contact us today for more information.

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