Tape Hair Extensions are by far the kindest solution for your hair when choosing your hair extensions. I find that many clients come to me after having bad experiences with hair extensions, they are looking for a better solution or a therapist with more experience. One of the reasons people end up having bad experiences is because there are several different extension systems out there. I have been using hair extensions myself for 17 years, and for about 7 years I found myself testing and sourcing the best quality hair and the most effective system to prevent hair and scalp damage.

Tested Hair Extensions

I believe that all hair extensionists should have years of practice and experience in the different types of hair and systems and be using the correct materials. I’ve come across some seriously bad chemicals being used on my clients such as nail polish remover, and I fear that many ‘hair extensionists’ are popping up without the right tools and experience. This is damaging people’s hair and scalp, at a larger cost to their health, well-being and hair.

I have found that the long-term wearing of ‘Pre-Bonded’ hair extensions and ‘Micro-Rings’ created breakage of the natural hair causing tufting and thinning, with many extensionists fitting them too tightly, causing pain and discomfort for the client when sleeping, touching the hair and styling it, some even complaining of a constant and uncomfortable pull on their roots. Also, when speaking to new clients having ‘move up maintenance’ with me, I am finding more and more that people are not being told to have maintenance every 6 weeks. As a result of this, the hair was not combed out and a new ring was attached which then caused too much tangling and is damaging to the hair.

Damage, pain, discomfort and thinning of the hair can be avoided with the right hair, application and after-care. If you are reading this please make sure you stay informed on the best practice and ensure your hair extensionist is looking after you in the right way. Feel free to get in touch for a consultation with me to discuss this further.

The Solution

My goal was to find a solution that did not damage the natural hair, looked natural and didn’t break or tangle our natural hair. I spent 7 years testing different hair tapes. Many of my clients come to me having had tapes misplaced by another extensionist, or the tapes have not been removed with maintenance. Maintenance involves thoroughly washing and cleaning the extensions and replacing the original tapes with new tape on the extensions. If this is not done correctly the tapes will bleed, causing knotting or damage to your natural hair. I feel like I spend my life correcting people’s hair, there seems to be a real lack of knowledge out there. The last thing you want is to damage your natural hair. I strongly advise having maintenance every 6 weeks to keep the hair in good shape and your own hair in great condition.

What to Look for When Choosing a Hair Extensionist

Hair Extensions by Celeb Hair Extensions

My Tape hair extensions by www.Celebhairextensions.co.uk are the highest quality and I deliver unbeatable customer service. I truly care about my clients and ensuring their hair looks natural, and fabulous and doesn’t cause any damage, pain or adverse health effects. Cheap hair extensions will just put you off for life but you’ll fall in love with good quality hair extensions and be devoted to them for life.

Invest in your hair and don’t go for cheap gimmicks, it’s not worth it and could cause you serious damage, discomfort and a real hassle. Check for excellent, genuine reviews and check that they have a large variety of colours in stock, if the colour isn’t perfect it won’t look right. Most people have several colours in their hair, so having a range of colours to choose from is essential to getting the most natural hair extensions.

I pride myself on my quality. I use ethically sourced, 100% human hair and my medical tapes use no chemicals or heat. I’m all about empowering women to look and feel their best at all times without the cost to their health and natural hair. The effectiveness of treatment of male disease was determined on the basis of questionnaires in which patients assessed their sexual status. During the clinical studies, good results were obtained confirming the effectiveness of Levitra when it is taken by patients with erectile dysfunction.

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I hope this helps, please do contact me if you’d like to schedule a consultation. Much love, Sarah x

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