The Dangers of Cheap Hair Extensions

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Remy hair is a term that is often misunderstood in the hair extensions industry, with many claiming falsely that they are using ‘Remy hair’. Nowadays, people are throwing around the word ‘Remy’ without truly understanding what this is.

Remy hair is 100% real human hair and cuticle correct, with all cuticles going in the same direction. This hair is cut from a ponytail and is not collected from bins or mixed with any plastic or animal hair. A lot of people are selling hair that is collected from bins in hairdressers and is being sold and mixed with other materials and animal hair, so when it comes to ‘cheap hair’, be careful of the quality you are buying.

Lately, I have seen clients come to me to redo the hair because the hair quality is poor, matted, and they’ve been told it’s ‘Remy human hair’ when all the cuticles aren’t correct. After 17 years in the industry and sourcing the highest quality Remy human hair and products, I feel disheartened to businesses popping up recently who are creating this quagmire through misleading people.

Choose high-quality hair extensions

When considering hair extensions, it’s difficult because all the hair looks lovely and silky, but the hair should last. Cheaper prices likely mean poor quality and non-Remy hair. You cannot get cheap ‘100% Remy human hair on the market, people are now using this term incorrectly, and it’s only later people are realising.  For many, only when you wash and style the hair can you see the quality of the hair. Look at the reviews of the hair extensionist you are considering; you can tell a lot from the reviews as good quality hair can be reused up to 5 times, saving you money in the long run.

Always ask if the Remy hair has plastic, silicone or animal hair in it. I am, however, hearing of people lying so always check their regular clientele and testimonials. If you want 100% Human hair this must be ethically sourced and all the same length. If the hair is collected from bins it will have lots of shorter hairs. You can test this by holding the hair on its side and watch it fall. That way you should be able to see if the hair is genuine 100% natural human hair. The benefits of good quality human 100% hair will curl better, will last longer and won’t tangle, it will blend perfectly with your own hair. Cheap hair that’s not ethically sourced can also be mixed with animal hair and often ends up looking like dolly hair and unnatural. Most people have at least 3 colours in their hair, so it’s important you have several colours used so that the colour match is perfect before you leave.

Good quality hair extensions should be undetectable and naturally, so hair quality is very important, so don’t put something bad in your hair and damage your own hair. Cheap hair extensions will also be thinner needing more tapes this can be more visible.

Why Celeb Hair Extensions can Help

All our tapes are organic medical tape they never slip and are very strong but most importantly safe. At Celebhair extensions, we pride ourselves on quality and reputation, only working with the highest quality and 100% ethically sourced human hair. We only use organic and vegan products developed by ourselves for our Hair Extensions One brand. Our remover uses no chemicals at all. Your hair health is so important so try not to use low-grade products on your hair.

Celebhair is an award-winning hair extensions specialist, we only use the highest quality products. When choosing your hair extensionist, it’s also very important to use someone that has been properly trained by an authorised training school and qualified with plenty of experience and education about different hair on the market. Having worked in hair extensions for 17 years and won awards for my work, it’s saddening to see some of the corrections I have to do. The positioning is also important, and also your extensionist should have good knowledge about what type of hair is best for you and which size tapes to use. Please be aware of what’s being advertised; a full head of 20” hair should be approximately 200-220 g, 18” should be 150 g and should have no more than 30 sandwiches (60 tapes) unless you have exceptionally thick hair. 

I hope this helps anyone looking for good quality hair extensions, the muddle in the market has made choosing hair extensions quite the quagmire. The moral of the story is if you buy cheap hair, be prepared for the consequences.

For advice or more information regarding our hair extension range, contact us or call 07970 078342 to speak with a specialist today.

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