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How to Remove Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are temporary and set by looping your hair using plastic loops or little silicone lined aluminium rings. This is the only hair extension technique that doesn’t use chemicals, glue, heat, or stitching to fit or remove. Generally, the micro rings are clamped in position, giving you a safe bond that can withstand strenuous activity. Since every woman’s dream is to have voluptuous lasting hair, micro rings are damage-free and last for about six to nine months. To get this longevity, you can always trust Celeb Hair Extensions experts for advice on professional maintenance.

While it is vital to look after your micro hair extensions when it’s time to remove them, make sure a professional does it. Besides replacing the micro rings, brushing, freshening, and adding new hair extensions, Celeb Hair Extensions will also give you tips on removing the micro ring hair extensions. You don’t want to damage your natural hair by trying to remove the extensions yourself.


Removing Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The process is usually simple but thorough. A well-trained Celeb Hair Extension expert will carefully remove your micro ring extension, wash your natural hair, blow dry it, and re-section to avoid damage. But for a deeper understanding, here is a detailed guide.

A professional hairdresser will have hair extension pliers, hair clips, and a pintail comb ready for the process.

  • Step 1: The specialist will start at the base or nape of your neck and remove row by row, moving to the top of the head. The sides are handled at the end.
  • Step 2: The rings are held using the pliers and squeezed slowly to loosen them. Once the ring has widened, the extensions slide off easily. However, if the hair extensions have been on for a long time, they may require a gentle force to pull them out.
  • Step: 3 Depending on how long you have had your extensions, where the ring attachments were, there will be some cluster of old hair. The hairdresser will comb and prise it slowly to loosen while being careful not to damage it. Before using a comb, they may first use their fingers or the tail of the pintail comb to prevent hair loss and tension. This is to remove the tangles that may cause destruction when combing.
  • Step 4: At this stage, after removing the cluster, your hair will be combed properly. This is done for each extension point to remove any hair stuck. You can also have your hair washed and set to your liking.

If the hairdresser finds it difficult to remove the cluster, they may use a little hair extension conditioner or a protein spray for lubrication and loosening.

If you decide to use your hair extensions again after removing them, the hair extensions expert will reseal them using a bonding material to prevent shedding. Also, Celeb Hair Extensions specialists advise storing them straight to avoid tangling. When you are ready to fit them again, all you have to do is book an appointment with our specialists.

Celeb Hair Extensions will give you the best quality hair extensions leaving you looking beautiful. Our services span over 15 years of experience developing knowledge and skills of our client’s needs at an affordable budget.

Always have a professional hair specialist remove your micro ring hair extensions for quality work. Contact us today for more information.