No One likes tangled hair. After all, what was the purpose of hair extensions? Hair extensions make your hair look long and beautiful. It’s extremely important to use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. Sulphate gradually dries out the hair. At celeb hair extensions we only use a haircut from a ponytail from a doner.

If you’re facing tangled hair with your hair extension, look no further! Celeb Hair Extension has got you covered. Living hair gets nourishment from root hair while the same doesn’t happen in the case of hair extensions because they aren’t directly attached to the scalp. To keep them healthy, we need to take preventative measures. By ensuring the proper care of the hair extensions, you can keep your hair extensions tangle-free and smooth because you always want to stop the tangling by taking care of your hair extensions by using the correct products. Let’s understand how can we keep the hair extensions healthier and tangle-free. Some simple rules, you can keep your hair extension tangle-free. Never go to bed with wet hair, buy satin or silk pillowcases. Platt your hair before going to bed or doing any physical activity. Sweat is the foe of hair extensions. Don’t allow product to build upon your hair, and comb your hair in small sections starting from the bottom.

Why it is important to obey the rules?

If you go to bed with your wet hair, can cause you tangled hair. The hair follicles are swollen and puffed due to water absorption. If you sleep with wet hair on a cotton pillowcase, you might get a few tangles. This also applies to your own hair and hair extensions as well. When doing physical activity, especially swimming, it’s vital to place your hair up or wear a swimming hat when in the sea or swimming pool. When exercising it’s important to wear your hair up this is because the salt produced in your sweat will catch on the hair and cause friction, which can be resulting in tangles. With swimming, leaving your hair loose will allow it to flow freely within the water, which, again, can cause the hair to tangle and dry hair out from the chemicals in the swimming pool. If you do expose hair to choline suncream or seawater make sure you rinse well and wash your hair as soon as you can

Allowing an excessive amount of products to hair can also be damaging. Just use a good sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.
When styling your hair with heat make sure you use a heat protector.

Young beautiful woman with hair extensions
Young Beautiful Woman With Hair Extensions