Our hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, which is cut from a donor. (no plastic, animal hair, or silicon coated hair at all).

The Follicles aren’t attached directly to the scalp, so they don’t receive the natural oils that your own hair does.

Sulphates will dry out the hair extensions and can also strip them of their colour. I can help if this happens, but you want your hair to stay silky and healthy, so please avoid sulphates. They can be hidden under other names like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Laureth Sulphate, Lauroyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauroyl Taurate.

look after your hair extension

How do you know if your shampoo is sulphate free?

That frothy, white lather that forms when you shampoo your hair comes from sulphates. They do clean your hair, but the problem is they clean too well. They wipe out the natural oils in your hair extensions.

Make sure that you check the ingredients in any products you purchase.

Our home mobile service means we come to you. We cover most of Surrey, Berkshire and London. We also supply our own brand of hair extension products which are all sulphate and parabens free, keeping your hair extensions in very good condition and also allowing your own hair to keep in perfect condition with no damage.


We advise that you never go to bed with wet or damp hair extensions to prevent them from tangling. If possible, try and plait your hair when you sleep if you can use silk pillowcases which are good for your hair. You can purchase these in Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon and most town centres.

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1/2 head of Premium Russian Tape hair extensions for thickness and extra body only £475 for 18”.

(You must live in a location covered by Celeb Hair Extensions and be over 18 years of age.)