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Hair Extensions For Menopausal Women With Thinning Hair

By offering an instant solution, hair extensions for menopausal women with thinning hair are a great option. There are four stages of menopause – pre-menopause, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. When going through the change of life, a woman transitions from childbearing to non-childbearing. For some women going through it can be a reason to celebrate as they embrace their newfound freedom from their menstrual cycle. For others, it can be mentally and physically challenging.

Some physical symptoms for menopausal women include fine hair, thinning hair or hair loss. Hair thinning may be a temporary problem or something you may have to live with. Hair loss and thinning are due to lower production of estrogen and progesterone, which causes hair to grow slower and become thinner. When these hormones decrease, it can increase the production of androgens that shrink hair follicles leading to hair loss.

Instead of feeling self-conscious, you do have solutions. Take positive steps to overcome your predicament by talking to your doctor, who may be able to provide medical assistance such as HRT. In the meantime, you can try natural human hair extensions that are kind to your hair. Quality hair extensions can add immediate body and bounce that helps women feel confident and youthful.

The Benefits of Hair Extensions For Women With Thinning Hair

Women can suffer thinning hair due to menopause and other reasons such as cancer, illness or pregnancy. Over the years, you may have used bleach, chemical hair dyes or heated hair tools. Whatever reason for your hair loss or thinning hair, we understand that it can make you feel less confident and anxious.

Sarah, the business owner and hair extension expert, highly recommends Tape-In Hair Extensions. Sarah is a big fan of Tape Hair Extensions because they are the kindest to your hair. Being almost undetectable, quick to apply, and easy to maintain without knotting and tangling makes these a great option.

Tape-In Hair Extensions are quick and easy to apply, giving our clients instant body and volume to their hair. They are also easy to remove without damaging your existing hair. It’s because we use the best medical tape products that are chemical-free and kind to the hair. What’s more, choosing an exact colour-match Tape Hair Extensions can look natural and only you will know that you have them.

Hair extensions provide an instant solution for women with thinning hair, helping them feel confident with fuller and thicker hair and look younger. One of my clients said hair extensions make her feel more youthful than Botox!

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Natural Tape Hair Extensions For Women With Thinning Hair

Sometimes all you need is 1/4 head of extensions to help your hair look thicker and fuller. To achieve more length and volume, 1/2 to 3/4 head is advisable. However, for a natural look, opt for fewer hair extensions.

At Celeb Hair Extensions, we travel to our client’s homes to provide a professional at-home hair extension service. Our clients suffering from thinning hair appreciate the home visits because they feel at ease discussing their concerns privately.

Our hair extensions are available in 25 different colours so that we can achieve a natural look by colour matching your hair colour. If you prefer to create the appearance of highlights or a balayage effect, we can blend different hair extension colours instead.

Because we only use luxury hair extensions that are 100% human hair without plastic or silicon, these are gentler on your hair and are long-lasting.

Please refer to our price list if you are interested in hair extensions to help you feel more confident. Contact us about your hair extensions in Surrey and Southwest London.

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1/2 head of Premium Russian Tape hair extensions for thickness and extra body only £475 for 18”.

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