Tips to Distinguish Synthetic and Human Remy Hair Extensions

Synthetic and Human Remy Hair Extensions

From Material

Virgin Remy hair is cut from one donor mostly with cuticle aligned. It is healthy and 100% natural human hair. There is no skin allergy wearing it. Synthetic hair is produced with chemical materials and some people have sensitive skin and is not suitable to wear Synthetic hair.

Synthetic and Human Remy Hair Extensions

How to Distinguish

Celeb hair Human hair extensions have natural protein. It is easy to tell by burning and smelling: when burning, human hair shows white smoke while synthetic hair shows black smoke. After burning, human hair will leave ash which goes away after pinching, while synthetic hair leaves the sticky ball and foul smell. Moreover, human hair may have very few gray hairs and split ends, which is normal and not a quality problem.

Life Span

As long as the hair is properly cared, our Celeb hair extensions human hair can last for several years. However, synthetic hair is easy to be frizzy and the color will fade after a period of time.
The most important point is, real hair extensions can be styled with using heated styling tools just as your own hair, but the synthetic hair cannot. You can dye or use hot fusion on our Celeb hair extensions to make different styles!

Synthetic and Human Remy Hair

Celeb hair extensions, provide various hair extensions We have Tape in, Micro-ring Extensions and you can find more about this on our website Celeb Hair Extensions   or Instagram celebhairextensionsuk  or for any query please call 07970078342 London and Surrey

Tape Hair Extensions Is an Impeccable Choice for SAFE UP DO STYLES

Tape Hair Extension

For a woman with a burning desire to add the volume of hair, the Tape Hair Extensions have served as a great way to increase the amount of hair in a safe & sound manner. The extension is designed to resemble naturalness and expertly positioned onto the scalp, giving you a chance to style your hair just like the way you want it.

The unique facet of Tape Hair Extensions is in its strong, safe and non-damaging nature. Today, the extension is already accepted by celebrities and models for unique hairstyles. The undamaging facet of hair extensions is something that one simply cannot deny. Since every woman is concerned about their hair looks and wishes for a beautiful hairdo, the hair extension has served as the safest way to gain good looks and gives you the privilege of doing ample hair styling.


The factor that makes Tape Hair Extensions a remarkable choice for long and beautiful hair is:

  • You gain an irresistible sensual look prior to any fear of damaging
  • Tape Hair Extensions come in numerous colors and style; giving you ample custom looks
  • It is a quick styling option with easy-to-maintain and suitable for any occasion or event
  • Safe and versatile choice to gain long hair out of harm’s way

At the Celeb Hair Extensions, we use only premium quality extensions with comfortable clip-in attachments. Since our organization is being managed by a team of professional people, as a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality, look and feel our extension confers. To gain an expert opinion on tape hair extension, simply reach us via phone 07970078342 or fill up the contactform on our dedicated website, CelebHairExtensions.CO.UK.

5 Reason To Say “Yes” To Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Epsom, Putney and London

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Flaunting your hair with gorgeous looking micro ring hair extensions has its own rewarding nature. At the beginning, we all hesitated but later; we knew it was worth taking the shot. The significance of hair extensions is extended at a broad level. It’s not only a great way to have stylish hair in large volume, but numerous ladies also see it as a preeminent way to keep your hair & scalp in a safe and sound condition. Besides in the fashion and photography industry, where models have to blend in with numerous styling options, a hair extension is usually accepted to gain the right kind of trendy hairdo instantly.

As a proficient Hair extensions Specialist in LondonEpsom, and Putney we know what you are thinking right now- Whether to go for  Micro Ring Hair Extension or not, right? Accomplishing your #hairgoal with absolutely no damage might appear like a daunting task, but with extension, it is seen as an easy quest.


  1. Effectual tool to gain strong and volume hair– If you are very gentle and caring towards your hair health, then hair extension is just the right plaything for you. It’s a perfect solution for a woman seeking promising lengthy hair without causing any damage.
  2. No Haircut Regret– With hair extension, you’ll have no regrets. If anything goes wrong, it will be easier to fix your hair. So whatever your imagination is with your hair, you get the privilege to fulfill them in a safe & sound manner. Hence, embrace the celeb-like style just like the way you’ve anticipated.
  3. You can blend your hair with a different colour– The unique facet of extension is that it comes in diverse colorful formats. You get a long-term commitment to finally blend your natural hair with beautiful and colorful hair extensions.
  4. Seen as a preeminent way to gain strong hair– Micro Ring Hair Extension is seen as a great source to gain back hair in huge volume. The extensions are expertly designed and implemented to confer you an extra volume of hair. From thin to thick, you can bestow a dramatic voluminous effect.
  5. Very Easy To Use– Besides giving you good looks, the awesome thing about hair extension is the optimal convenience. It is very easy to use and easy to maintain. In other languages, it is an everyday solution for lazy hairstyles.

Seeking a professional stylist to enhance your natural hair?  If yes, then make your next stop at the Celeb Hair Extensions. Our organization is being managed by a team of proficient stylists and prescribes you a suitable approach with properly examining your hair. To gain an expert opinion simply reach us via phone 07970078342 or fill-up the ‘contact us’ form at

Have Celeb Like Beautiful Hair Extension in Surrey & Guildford

Hair Extensions Surrey

Are you looking for the premium hair extensions provider in Surrey and Guildford? If yes, then your search ends at Celeb Hair Extensions. When it comes to restoring the aesthetic appeal of your hair, our hair extension specialist is highly renowned as the best-in-class to gain the thick and bountiful hair. Celeb Hair Extensions is the foundation of the professional team of experts and years of research. The blend of these two allowed us to bring you an impressive range of hair extension in many good-looking styles and designs. The look, quality and feel that our hair extension delivers do not disappoint customer expectation.

Best Hair Extension To Gain Voluptuous Hair

Here are some of the most excellent Hair Extensions in Surrey is available on our platform, Each of our units is ergonomically designed to enhance the appearance of your hair in a comfortable way. They really come in handy to gain longer, thicker, fuller or shining hair.

  • Pre Bonded Hair Extension– Pre bonded are available in various color options to perfectly blend in your existing color. Since they are prepared by using the pre-molded bonds, they are easy to put-on and easy to care.

pre bonded hair

  • Tape Hair Extension– It is a totally undetectable hair extension solution designed to withstand for at least 3 months. It is comfortable to wear and can be gently applied.

tape hair

  • Micro Ring hair extensions– If you desire for curly looking hair then this is the optimal solution for you. The rings of Micro Ring Hair Extension are clamped in a place and ensures a secure bond; making it reliable to withstand vigorous activity.

micro ring

These were just a few of them. As a woman, you can explore more varieties of bespoke hair extension in varied styles and designs. Let our experts prescribe you the suitable hair extension to perfectly match as per your first choice. You may contact our specialist at 07970078342.

Tape In Hair Extension Works For Everyone To Volumize Hair With No Damage

tape hair extensions

The eventual aura of tape in hair extensions is like; once you have them you simply cannot live without them. For women, tape in hair extensions is a caring option for colorful hair, which not only confers you an undeniable confidence, but also gives women a privilege to enhance their hair beauty prior to any worry. Tape in is the latest segment in the realm of hair extensions.

Even the majority of celebrities and salons experts have also regarded Tape in Extension as the best method for everyone. It has developed a reputation for extravagant looks and for many it is a healthy dose of photographic inspiration.  You get great length and volume by keeping your real hair fit.

Why Tape In Hair Extensions are the best for anyone?

If you are new to extension, or planning to switch from traditional clips, then TAPE IN is certainly the best choice to embark.  The reason why the majority of women love it because:

  • Tape In Hair Extension doesn’t look fake. It easily blends and resembles your natural hair and your friends & colleagues won’t even notice the difference. Instead, they will praise your good looks.
  • You Can Style the way you desire– Tape In extension was a blessing to all those women who desire to flaunt with an intriguing hairstyle. You get out of worry and have a pleasing hairdo without being anxious about losing your natural hair.
  • Easy to care and easy to maintain– Tape in hair extensions are easy to care, easy to maintain and gently blends with your natural hair. They do not pose a threat to the overall health of your natural hair and save you from post-coloring damage.


CELEB HAIR EXTENSION is a trustworthy hair extension brand in Guildford and Surrey. Since the organization is being managed by a team of leading hair specialists and delivers well-thought personalized services, as a customer you’ll not be disappointed in terms of quality care and voluptuous hair as per your preferred color and style.

Sarah and their team personally look after each customer and perform the task with an utmost professional care.  To book an appointment, make your next stop at