How much do you care for your hair length? Obviously, A lot. Multiple chemical-based products can damage your hair. Tape Hair extensions are the best option if your hair has already got damaged. If you are looking for hair extensions and trying to decide “what the best hair extensions are?”. You might have questions in your head – What exactly makes hair extensions best? We, Celeb Hair Extension UK know the hair extensions best.

When searching for the best quality hair extensions you should look for three things.

1. Is the hair used real human hair?
2. If the hair is virgin?
3. Is the Hair Remy?
4 is the hair 100% natural human hair

These four things will determine the best quality of hair extensions. Let’s resume our discussion. Let’s understand the basic difference between real human hair and synthetic extensions. While synthetic hair extensions are cheaper as compared to natural human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions don’t blend well with natural hair, which can make it very apparent that you have hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are too sensitive to heat, also they are more likely to be tangled and don’t have much life.

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One important aspect we need to discover is to find if the hair is virgin. It is important to know because virgin hair has never been processed. It has not been processed and exposed under chemicals and colored ever. Virgin hair is much stronger and lasts longer in comparison to synthetic hair. So it’s obvious, if the hair is virgin and not exposed to color and chemicals, the hair extensions will last longer. However, the lighter colors will have been dyed once only.

We have gone through all aspects of hair extensions except knowing the hair is Remy or not? What is Remy? Remy means the hair runs the same in the same direction and is cuticle correct. If the hair is not matched to run in the same direction, you will end up with frizzy and tangled hair very quickly. This happens because when you brush it, you will end up forcing some of the hair cuticles in opposite directions. That can cause tangled hair. If your hair is Remy, the hair cuticles all lay flat and unidirectional. The hair extension remains smooth and lasts a long time.

All of our hair extensions are a hundred percent natural virgin human Remy hair so that you get a smooth hair extension experience that looks more natural and blends with your natural hair. Give us a call for premium award-winning hair extensions that don’t tangle and last keeping your natural hair in perfect condition. Celeb Hair Extensions take care of your hair in the best way possible. We are dedicated to making your hair extensions look natural with the best quality virgin hair.

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