Tape-in hair extension is the newest technique used for resolving hair problems and is considered as the best solution for fine or thin hair. The mode of applying tape hair extensions involves attaching tape-in hair extensions with the natural hair in a sandwich-like pattern. The wefts are fastened onto the natural hair row by row, via a medical tape (glue-free).

The benefit of tape hair extension is that it requires no chemicals or hard tools to apply it and since the tape wefts are lightweight, it causes little or no damage to the hair. The tape-in extension offered by Celeb hair extension can even be used on very fine hair of ex cancer patients and on thick hair for elongating its length. On average, the extension can last up to 8 to 10 months. The durability of your hair tape hair extension, however, will depend on the quality of the product, the skill of your stylist, and the way you take care of them.

If you are up for getting tape hair extensions in Surrey, we recommend that you reach out to Celeb hair extension, to get the best quality European single drawn and Russian double drawn hair extension in Surrey. And also get useful tips from the professionals on how to maintain your hair extension.

How does Tape in hair extension help women with fine or thin hair?

Finding the right hair extension option for women with very thin or fine hair usually gets quite tricky. And unfortunately, they have limited options to choose from. Since their thin hair usually fails to cope with the tension that is associated with various hair extension methods. Using hair extensions on such types of hair may only cause more damage and thinning of hair. Tape in hair extensions serves as the ideal solution for fragile hair since they are lightweight they won’t employ too much tension on the natural hair. Another advantage of tape in extension is the transparent property of the tapes, which keeps the extension well hidden from the public eyes even on very thin hair.

Will tape in hair extensions cause hair loss?

While tape-in hair extensions are the best choice for thin hair, improper removal of the extension can result in hair loss. The removing process involves prizing off the glued strip and using remover spray. This process is likely to cause hair breakage making the hair look thinner and may even leave you with bald patches here and here. This is definitely not a task to DIY, you should allow your stylist to help you out in this process.

In case, you are in a situation where you need to remove your tape-in hair extensions in Surrey, let Celeb hair help you out. The professional will treat your hair with natural coconut oil, free of chemicals, which will protect your hair from getting damaged. After which they will skilfully remove your hair extensions without causing any damage or harm to your hair.

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