We use 100% RemyHuman European and Russian hair, this guarantees that the cuticle of every single hair is intact and facing the same direction in which they grew. All the hair has been cut from a willing donor and is gently processed, careful not to damage the cuticle and to maintain alignment throughout production.

Non 100% RemyHuman hair is referred to as ‘fallen hair’ and is essentially a waste product.

100% RemyHuman hair extensions are available in a fabulous range of colours and in 16”, 18” and 20” or in 0.8gram or 1gram options.

We offer the finest quality, beautifully soft and silky AAA+ virgin Russian hair to be used with Pre-bonded and Micro-ring hair extensions. The hair is collected from willing donors from various regions of Russia and women of Slavic ethnicity. Virgin Russian hair means it has not been dyed and is naturally much lighter in colour than other hair types. It can be dyed to reach an exact colour match easily and without the need for harsh chemicals.

The better the quality of hair and the less processing the hair has been through the easier it is to maintain and style. Well cared for, the hair extension will last and last and can be re-used.

Celeb Hair Extensions can give you a personal set of recommendations based on your specific hair type and style. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial chat and discussion. Contact Celeb Hair Extensions now