Get Russian Hair Extensions at Affordable and High Quality Prices

Russian Hair

Russian hair is very luxurious, silky and strong, and durable it comes in our very highest quality hair, cut from the diner’s ponytail. It is expensive. You will not find hair better. No other hair will compare to Russian hair most of the Russian hair comes from the Siberian area and has never been treated […]

Why Russian Hair is More Expensive than Asian Hair

Russian and Asian Hair

When deciding on hair extensions it’s very important to know the source of the hair you are using. This also is a key factor to the price. The reason why Russian hair is more expensive than Asian hair is that it’s not bleached the hair tones are more natural to match your natural hair. The […]

Tape Hair Extensions

tape in hair extensions service

In the United Kingdom, hair extensions are a million-dollar industry. Many people are looking for better service or someone who has more experience in the field. Tape-in Hair Extensions & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions by Celeb Hair Extensions is the most gentle, fast and secure solution for your hair with no damage to your natural hair. These […]

How To Keep Hair Extensions Tangle Free?

Hair Extensions Surrey

No One likes tangled hair. After all, what was the purpose of hair extensions? Hair extensions make your hair look long and beautiful. It’s extremely important to use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. Sulphate gradually dries out the hair. At celeb hair extensions we only use a haircut from a ponytail from a doner. If […]

Best Hair Extensions

best hair extensions

How much do you care for your hair length? Obviously, A lot. Multiple chemical-based products can damage your hair. Tape Hair extensions are the best option if your hair has already got damaged. If you are looking for hair extensions and trying to decide “what the best hair extensions are?”. You might have questions in […]