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Not everyone is born with thick, wavy, and bountiful hair-but that’s okay. Celeb Hair extensions Hounslow will leave you turning heads by adding extra length, volume, and glamour. With a wide range of options at your disposal, all you need to do is select one that makes you look your best. If you are looking to achieve those hair goals, you have been eyeing for months, you are in luck.

At Celeb Hair Extensions, you are in for a wide selection of premium quality and reusable hair extensions. For more than a decade now, we have provided our clients with incredibly beautiful, natural, comfortable extensions that do not damage natural hair. What’s more, our extensions offer the most natural blending, and with proper care, some can last for a long period of time.

So, What Are the Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions?

Enhanced Volume, Thickness, and Length


Does your hair fail to grow past a certain length no matter how patient, gentle, and committed you have been in caring for it? Or you just want to enhance your look with thick, long, natural looking hair? Whichever the case, extensions might be a perfect solution for you. Besides helping you gain the length and volume of your choice in an instance, hair extensions are a great way of maintaining the health and growth of your hair—as long as you take great care of them.


Hair loss and thinning can take a great toll on your self-confidence. Suffice to say, most people dealing with such a condition go for hair extensions to help them achieve their hair’s original volume. Luckily, at Celeb Hair Extensions we have invested time, resources, and best talents to provide our clients with vibrant, pain-free, and long lasting extensions that look great.

Low Maintenance

If you operate on tight schedules and rarely have time to style your hair every other time, hair extensions are the perfect solution. At Celeb Hair, we have a wide range of human hair best designed to add versatility and glam to your look. We guarantee you incredibly wavy, curly hair that you can easily style saving you time. What’s more, our hair experts will review all the options at our disposal and help you select the ideal extensions for you.

Easy to Style & Accessorise

If you love to experiment with your hair, then hair extensions are the ultimate key to experimentation for you. You can easily achieve a wide range of styles from curly strands, classic bob cuts, and even stylish colored streaks. You can also style it to a bun, a simple braid, or ponytail to achieve that gorgeous look. When you choose Celeb Hair, you are sure to find premium quality hair extensions for your wedding, vacation, graduation, and any other occasion.

Our Hounslow Hair Extensions

What We Offer At Celeb Hair Extensions

When purchasing your hair extensions, you have to ensure that they are 100% percent natural. There are synthetic hair extensions available in the market, although its often the case you cannot use heat on them, and as a result, they are very difficult to style. Thankfully, Celeb Hair Extension offers elegant, 100 percent human hair you can style in numerous ways depending on your desired outcome.

The following are some of the most common types of hair extensions provided at Celeb Hair Extensions:

Tape-in Extensions

Here are the latest extensions in the market. Typically, tape-in extensions can last up to three times longer, and you can reuse them many times depending on how well you care for them. At Celeb Hair, our tape-in extensions come with an undetectable, reliable tape that lays flat on the scalp. Our extensions are comfortable, light, vibrant, and easy to apply compared to their counterparts. When it’s finally time to remove them, our oil based chemical free remover makes it easy, quick, and safe with no damage to your natural hair or scalp.

Our tape-in hair extensions bring out a perfectly natural look, and you can style yours as normal, straight or curly. We only go for premium quality double drawn Russian hair or Remy hair. Suffice to say, our hair is cuticle correct and tangle-free..

tape in hair extensions service
pre bonded hair extensions service

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are another common method of applying hair extensions. At Celeb Hair, our Remy human hair is individually applied with our pre-molded bonds derived from keratin protein aimed to protect your hair. By melting the bond at very low temperatures, it hardens, forming an even stronger and more secure bond with your individual hair strands. The bond can last for three to four months under proper care and maintenance.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The micro-ring hair extensions system attaches your hair strands to the extension strands and secures them together with a small ring known as a micro ring. This method is best suited for sporting or any vigorous activity that requires you to hold up your hair. The rings are silicon-coated for extra glam and comfort. Besides, they are almost undetectable, and come in a wide range of colors to best match your hair. Most people consider micro-ring hair extensions as the safest system available in the market. The hair should be properly services and maintained every 6-8 weeks to enhance its versatility. Under proper care and maintenance, the extension can last for 6 to 9 months without damaging the hair or losing its glamour.

micro ring hair extensions service

Celeb Hair Extensions is a professional hair extension expert committed to providing our clients with voluptuous hair that leaves you feeling elegant and confident. We are a one-stop-shop for all your hair extension needs as we offer a wide range of options at highly competitive prices. Our hair extensions are 100% human, high quality, and pose no damage to your natural hair or scalp. We also offer a 10 percent discount to you and any friend you refer to us.

Contact us today for comfortable, affordable, glamorous, and 100% human hair extensions.

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1/2 head of Premium Russian Tape hair extensions for thickness and extra body only £475 for 18”.

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