Celeb Hair Extensions

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Micro-ring or micro-bead hair extensions can provide a stunning result, but they’re intricate and need a precise set of hands. These hair extensions are connected to a small silicone bead or metal ring that needs separate tools to install to your natural hair.

When getting past that, though, micro-ring hair extensions can last for a really long time. Expect to have it for at least a month or two before it’s time to get them off. Micro rings Hair Extensions must be professionally applied by a qualified professional also. Micro rings are applied and need to be removed and moved up properly by a professional every 6weeks The removal process also requires the help of some professionals so that there’s minimal hair loss. Now get the best Hair Extension Professional from Celeb Hair Extensions.



Being aware of these different hair extension methods may help you determine what you want to try or what will work with your hair type. The application can be a tough workaround, but it can make such a difference to your regular hair. They cause no damage and can be used on thick or extremely fine hair causing no damage or tangling. If applied correctly by a professional like Sarah Caplan, the hair should improve.