After the application, allow 24 hours before washing your hair.
Always brush your hair before washing with a soft bristle brush or Tangle Teaser, to remove any tangles.
Never wash your hair extensions with your head tipped upside down.
Apply the shampoo liberally to wet hair, making sure you lather the shampoo thoroughly all over the scalp by using a downward zigzag motion with your fingers. Pay particular attention to the bonds and hair underneath. Then apply more shampoo to the hair, stroking downwards to the tips. Rinse thoroughly, then gently squeeze to remove excess water.
Always wash your hair in the shower, never wash hair in the bath.
Keep your hair clean! DO NOT allow your hair to get oily – natural scalp oils, dirt, perspiration and products contaminate the bonds and will cause them to soften.
Always wash your hair immediately after exercise or swimming.

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