Aftercare and looking after your extensions

Purchase hair extension shampoo and conditioner, high street products can weaken the bonds. Please let me know if you want shampoo and conditioner as I can Edit this copy for aftercare source for you if you need me to.
Use a protein spray to conditioner the hair and use a leave in conditioner once a week overnight.
Wash hair a maximum 3 times a week and use dry hair shampoo in between.
Use of dyes or bleach will shorten the hairs life span
Purchase a hair extension brush, this will help to prolong the life of your hair extensions.
When sleeping tie hair in a loose ponytail as it won’t pull while you sleep.
When washing hair extensions don’t tilt head over a bath or sink as this causes undue stress to bonds. Simply gently glide shampoo over hair and massage in whilst standing in a shower. Try to not wash extensions too frequently, dry hair shampoo is ideal for lasting an extra day between washes.
When conditioning only use conditioner on ends of hair.
When brushing hold hair with one hand whilst brushing down extensions with other hands, holding the hair will reduce tension on bonds.
If you experience any tangles, GENTLY comb from bottom of hair working upwards.

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