Cheap hair can be mixed with plastic, silicon, or animal hair so beware. Only the best quality hair will last and not be coated in silicon.

Cheap hair can also be collected from bins, so the hairs will be different lengths. Our hair is cut from a ponytail and pure virgin hair so all the cuticles are correct.

I have spent 15 years testing hair from around the world and would not use any hair I have not tested on myself.

We feel we have achieved our goal and our hair is the perfect thickness and has a body that can be curled and hold a curl and can also be straightened. Our hair is long-lasting with a huge range of colours creating body and length that you will love.

Cheap synthetic hair will not hold a curl and will not blend with our natural hair.

If you are thinking about Tape Hair Extensions in Surrey make sure you go for quality not cheap hair. We want you to love your Tape hair extensions and feel amazing.

We at Celeb hair extensions, pride ourselves on using the very highest quality hair that really is reusable again and again and that blends beautifully with European hair.

The colour blending needs to be perfect using a few colours so that the hair blends perfectly with the natural hair, making the hair extensions totally undetectable. The tapes we use do not slip or come out, at Celeb hair extensions and the hair fullness of each tape is the perfect thickness to create beautiful hair extensions. The maximum for a full head of our Tape hair extensions should be no more than 30 anymore and they will not be manageable and may cause damage.

We at Celeb hair Extensions pride ourselves on giving clients the best mobile service in Surrey and London.

There is nothing worse than hair extensions looking fake.

Always check that the person fitting your extensions is qualified. Tape hair extensions must be fitted by a qualified Extensionist. The positioning is extremely important.

I have been fitting hair extensions for about 15 years and have seen some awful disasters.

When Tape hair extensions are removed they should slide out causing no damage to your own hair and cause no tangling. We Celeb hair extensions have developed our own range of products for Tape hair extensions.

The very best hair extensions have natural-looking hair that will not damage your hair and can last and be reused again and again. You will just need maintenance every 10 -12 weeks.

The most beautiful hair extensions you can look at some of our after photos on Instagram Celebhairextensionsuk. For a free consultation call 07970078352.

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1/2 head of Premium Russian Tape hair extensions for thickness and extra body only £475 for 18”.

(You must live in a location covered by Celeb Hair Extensions and be over 18 years of age.)