Quality Hair Extension That Definitely Won’t Make You Look Phony

Celeb hair extensions have spent 15 years testing hair extensions to find the very highest quality hair that bends well with European hair. There are so many different hair qualities on the market. Don’t be fooled by hair that is coated in silicone or fake or mixed with animal hair. Hair that is not natural will not have any bounce. Hair can be tested by burning the hair and you should be able to tell by how it burned and smells. Allowing the hair to keep a curl when styled that lasts. Unfortunately, when the hair is new it’s hard to tell until washed also.

We at Celeb Hair Extensions use two qualities of hair both last and last. You won’t find better quality hair. I would never use hair that I would not use on myself. We pride ourselves on quality.

Cheap Hair Extensions can damage your hair. All our hair is cut from a ponytail not collected from bins. It is 100% natural hair the highest quality from around the world. We also recommend our hair extension shampoo and conditioner that are 100% natural and no chemicals.

 We also spent years finding the very best and strongest tapes that don’t slip and have no chemicals and are medical tape so are not going to cause any reaction to your scalp.

We at Celeb hair extensions only supply natural beautiful bouncy hair that does not look fake. Our tapes are totally undetectable.

You will have hair extensions you will love and never want to go without them. Please look at our website or Instagram celebhairextensionsuk.

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Start feeling fabulous

1/2 head of Premium Russian Tape hair extensions for thickness and extra body only £475 for 18”.

(You must live in a location covered by Celeb Hair Extensions and be over 18 years of age.)