When deciding on hair extensions it’s very important to know the source of the hair you are using. This also is a key factor to the price. The reason why Russian hair is more expensive than Asian hair is that it’s not bleached the hair tones are more natural to match your natural hair. The cuticular has not been damaged the hair has not been coated with silicone it’s natural virgin hair that will last. Hair that has been coated in silicon will look good but will gradually tend to dry out and cause Matting.

Using cheap hair is never the good quality of the hair is very important and good quality hair is not cheap. At celeb hair extensions we only use real human hair. So your hair extensions blend perfectly and are totally undetectable blending so perfectly with your own hair. So nobody can tell the difference all-out hair is cuticle intact meaning the cuticles face the same way so that the hair will not frizz and tangle. It’s incredibly important to use only the very best cuticle correct Russian virgin hair by Celeb Hair Extensions
Cheap hair extensions don’t look good, they won’t blend well they won’t last and you won’t be happy. Always use a company that uses the best hair with the best genuine reviews. We have used the same supplier for over 10 years and have been applying hair extensions for 15 years I would never use hair I would not have myself

Russian Hair