Celeb Hair Extensions

Charlotte From Guildford

‘Sarah did my hair after l had been having cheaper hair extensions for years. Although she is more expensive, my hair looked absolutely amazing. I was thrilled and had so may compliments.
However, when l needed a maintenance l decided to try and save money and went to another hair dresser who wrecked half my extensions when she took them out. She then put them back in so badly l had to go and have them removed AGAIN and have a new set put in at another cheaper salon. I was in a hurry as l was going on holiday the next day. Compared to Sarah’s they looked absolutely awful – badly positioned cheap looking, thin hair.
I have now gone back to Sarah eating humble pie so that we can start again. Ironically, l wasted so much money trying to get my hair done more cheaply. I would have spent far less going back to Sarah for maintenance in the first place! Just not worth trying to do it on the cheap.
You definitely get what you pay for and my hair when Sarah had done it looked incredible. I have learnt my lesson. I will now not let anyone other than Sarah touch my hair! She is brilliant.’
My address is 26 Waterden Road, Guildford GU1 2AY.
My phone number is 07944 960986.
Thank you so much for your help and advice. I will book in with you last week of November if possible.
Love Charlotte xx